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USB ISP Programmer Download Adapter for ATMEL AVR ATMega 51

USB ISP Programmer Download Adapter for ATMEL AVR ATMega 51

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  • With 500mA over-current protection to completely protect your computer motherboard
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows 7 operating system
  • Can not programme Bootloader procedure of AVR single chip
  • Incompatible Notebooks: Lenovo M7300, Acer 4741G, Dell Vostro3450 and other models using Pentium G6950 or Core i3, i5 processor

Devices Supported:

  • 51 Series: AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S8252
  • AVR Series:
    • ATMEGA8(A/L), ATMEGA16(A/L), ATMEGA128(A/L)
    • ATTiny12(L), ATTiny13(V), ATTiny15(L), ATTiny24(V), ATTiny25(V), ATTiny26(L), ATTiny2313(V), ATTiny44(V), ATTiny45(V), ATTiny84(V), ATTiny85(V)
    • AT90S2313(L), AT90S2323(L), AT90S2343(L), AT90S1200(L), AT90S8515(L), AT90S8535(L)
    • ATMEGA48(V), ATMEGA88(V), ATMEGA8515(L), ATMEGA8535(L), ATMEGA162(V), ATMEGA163(L), ATMEGA164(V), ATMEGA165(V), ATMEGA168(V), ATMEGA169(V), ATMEGA169P(V), ATMEGA32(L), ATMEGA324(V), ATMEGA325(V), ATMEGA3250(V), ATMEGA329(V), ATMEGA3290(V), ATMEGA64(L), ATMEGA640(V), ATMEGA644(V), ATMEGA645(V), ATMEGA6450(V), ATMEGA649(V), ATMEGA6490(V), ATMEGA1280(V), ATMEGA1281(V), ATMEGA2560(V), ATMEGA2561(V)
    • AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN128
    • AT90PWM2(B), AT90PWM3(B)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x USB ISP Programmer w/ 10-pin Cable

Note: Please take note that we have 2 different kinds in stock. (please see the picture) we will send one kind at random.

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